Monday, October 20, 2014

Afternoon Commute

I am always looking for songs that have a good beat with which to pace myself when I run (or jog).

With that in mind, this song is doing the trick (despite its pop factor and its video); of course it makes a great driving song as well, especially on a nice afternoon (flashback to the first 800 million times that I jammed out to "Call Me Maybe"). Enjoy!

Song: "Shake It Off"
Artist: Taylor Swift

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Awesome Or Flawsome: Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets

Within twenty-four hours of seeing the enticing commercial for Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets, I was sitting in the Monroeville location, with an 8-piece on deck. Note: they offer 4, 8, and 12-piece options, and one can make the 8 or 12-piece options into a meal (which is what I did for $8.05 with the side salad and a diet lemonade).

Here are the things that I jotted down as I tried them:

  • These are very juicy. 
  • These are very flavorful in a kind of chargrilled, kind of seasoned, kind of way. 
  • These would go really nicely on top of a salad. 
  • These cannot be eaten without a fork, which doesn't bother me except that I wouldn't call them a nugget per say and I wouldn't get them unless I was sitting down to eat like a civilized person. 
Overall, the Chick-fil-A Grilled Nuggets are officially awesome. 

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Sixteen thoughts and ideas for the sixteenth day of October...
  1. "All About That Bass" by Meghan Trainor is a terrible piece of music wrapped in a bubblegum pink wrapper of nausea. I mean, seriously. How can I support any message that comes across in these lines: "Yeah, it's pretty clear, I ain't no size two. / But I can shake it, shake it / Like I'm supposed to do / 'Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase / And all the right junk in all the right places"; "Yeah, my mama she told me don't worry about your size. / She says, "Boys like a little more booty to hold at night"; and "I'm bringing booty back / Go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that / No I'm just playing. I know you think you're fat." I won't go into any more detail other than saying that this is just so, so wrong on so, so many levels. 
  2. The Equalizer was a highly entertaining movie. However, I think that the title is a bit misleading. It should have been called How To Seriously Injure and/or Kill Someone In Home Depot
  3. My favorite ABC prime time dramas aren't disappointing! Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, Revenge, and the newest addition How to Get Away With Murder have my undivided attention this season. 
  4. My ringworm has had more sequels than Nightmare on Elm Street. I won't even tell you what part of my body is being attacked this time. 
  5. Maggie's Farm Rum. Go there. Drink it. 
  6. Tuesday's weather... there was something in the air. That breeze seemed to be literal winds of change, which is nearly poetic. 
  7. The Nick & Knight concert was incredible. I would know this because I was as close to being cloud nine as one could possibly be during its entirety. How fortunate am I to be part of the generation that has loved both New Kids on the Block and Backstreet Boys, and is still able to enjoy them years later? 
  8. Cupcake Pinot Noir goes well with rap music and Sunday nights. 
  9. Why are class rings still a thing? 
  10. My tenth grade students were born in 1999. So that's weird. 
  11. A friendship ending can be more heartbreaking that a romantic relationship ending. 
  12. How do some people manage to stay employed despite an overall lack of relative competence?   
  13. MAB and I have started a Google Doc for our Christmas wish list. Someone needs to create a Santa account so that we can share it with him/her on Google Drive.  
  14. I need a pedicure.  
  15. There are three more Harry Potter movies on the horizon. And that is great news. 
  16. Knowing when enough is enough is so darn difficult. I suppose it's because our threshold for pain bullsh*t varies with the ebb and flow of our lives. 

Monday, October 6, 2014

Things I Learned From My Ex(es) Part 5

Editor's Note: By now, you should be familiar with this gimmick series. I added a page above that is dedicated specifically to these fine gentlemen. You can click on it to see the previous four posts. 

The One With Whom I Danced On A Coffee Table To Van Morrison
  • I learned that it's possible for an unrequited boy crush from 1994 to ask one out in 2001.
  • I learned that any guy who can play the guitar and/or piano has my undivided attention. 
  • I learned that my eyes are my "defining feature." 
  • I learned that NBA games are really fun. 
  • I learned that I like to cook for my dates. 
  • I learned that long distance romances can work with good communication and sharing television shows... "See you on NBC at 8 p.m. Call me during the commercials!" 
  • I learned that Hans Zimmer did amazing work on both the Gladiator and Black Hawk Down scores. 
  • I learned that Philadelphia is an amazing and beautiful city despite what ignorant Pittsburghers may think. 
  • I learned that I love traveling alone. 
  • I learned what real dates feel like. 
  • I learned that eating pizza in Chicago is an experience to say the least. 
  • I learned how to hail a cab. 
  • I learned that coming home to a bouquet of lilies on my birthday can be a truly pleasant surprise. 
  • I learned how to order a cheesesteak at Pat's without sounding like a tourist. 
  • I learned that I enjoy Johnny Walker. 
  • I learned that men's dress shirts that are blue with a white collar and cuffs are my kryptonite when worn on the right person. 
  • I learned that I have idiosyncrasies. 
  • I learned that apartments in old Bible factories are nothing short of awesome. 
  • I learned what it's like to love Pittsburgh sports in a city other than Pittsburgh. 
  • I learned that massages at Nemacolin Woodlands are unparalleled. 
  • I learned that being in the super special [only two in the whole theater] audience participation seats at Blue Man Group is hilarious and unforgettable.  
  • I learned that dining on sushi and champagne is quite swanky.  
  • I learned that if a guy is hesitant to introduce one to his family or won't give the relationship an official title, he's probably not invested in it long term, but...
  • I learned that while this relationship wasn't meant to last, this one was meant to happen. 

The First World Problems of HGB & MAB cont.

Since the last twenty-three posts of this nature, I have been accumulating many contributions from family and friends in addition to the ones that MAB and me experience on our own. Like the past few times, this particular list piled up quite quickly (LIKE REALLY QUICKLY), which begs the question: Is life in the first world getting to be too hard for us?

As always, you should know that anything posted on facebook and Twitter is totally fair game. It's just too easy for me to pluck your first world problems from there and drop them here on The Steel Trap. Note: Just because these are written in first person point of view, doesn't mean that they are mine. Or does it? You decide.
  • I could only pick up the cookie dough orders from my daughter's school between 4:30 and 6:30 p.m. on one specific day. If I could not make that time, the PTA would charge me a $10 for "inconveniencing" them. 
  • I work with people who use Comic Sans. 
  • There is only one outlet in my bathroom.
  • The worst part about a Sunday night is walking into my bedroom and seeing piles of clean laundry that I never put away. 
  • I just impulse bought $150 worth of TOMS on sale from Zulilly because it's Tuesday and someone needs to hide my credit card from me.
  • I have had no internet at home for almost 48 hours. I am also pretty annoyed that internet is included as part of my rent. 
  • I want Alex and Ani bracelets so badly. 
  • I live in the dang Steel City, but I cannot find an Etsy store located in the area that makes custom industrial furniture? 
  • Very few things can ruin my mood like having to drive in downtown Mobile at lunchtime. 
  • I cannot decide if I should post the link before the hashtags or vice versa on Twitter. 
  • Every time one of my facebook friends likes someone's status who is not my friend, that status pops into my news feed. How do I stop this? 
  • I had to go to CVS to buy red wine because Rite Aid was out. 
  • The heat at work won't come on unless it's less than 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside. Thus, I am working in the tundra.  
  • The ice machine in my fridge makes ice faster than I can use it. 
  • My wife can't say the word brewery. 
  • I would like my iPhone a lot more if iMessages came across in the color of Honolulu Blue. 
  • New One Direction music gives me anxiety because that means a new tour and I don't know if I can survive that again.
  • My wifi won't work on my phone anymore. 
  • Just cooked vegan dinner and went to hot yoga. I don't even know myself anymore. 
  • It's difficult selecting the "good" chocolates in a Godiva variety box.  
  • So I almost cried hanging a curtain rod. I wasn't sure if I hit a stud or not and my stud sensor was acting undecided, so I figured I would put in a drywall anchor to be sure. That was a bad idea. I now have an anchor jammed into the dry wall, and had to force a screw through the wood. Who knew it was wood? 
  • My mom text me the name of a restaurant because she thought it was Safari and was trying to find the phone number. 
  • My phone is MIA. Hit me up on facebook or write me a letter. 
  • I ran out of dry shampoo. I could walk one block to CVS and buy some more of the trusty Dove version, but I don't want to leave my desk. So I'm considering ordering the Oribe Dry Texturizing spray instead, but it's way more money. 
  • I've been waxing my car for twenty years and I still don't know karate. 
  • Just spent two hours purging photos, videos, messages, and nearly every app, and I still don't have enough room to download iOS8. 
  • There is no sense of urgency at Urgent Care. 
  • I sent my tuxedo to be pressed through my hotel, and they have no idea where they sent it. 
  • My server spilled water all over me, my keys, and my phone. His immediate response, "Wow. That's a first." 
  • I have the money, but not the time to travel to Europe for my holiday break. I am going to have to settle for the sunny shores of Thailand instead. 
  • I fell asleep with my laptop on my chest and woke up using it as a pillow. 
  • I didn't have a chance to finish reading Gone Girl, and now everyone is seeing the movie but me. 
  • Trying to decide how high to mount my living room curtain rods might be the death of me. 
  • I need a massage. 
  • My fortune cookie had no fortune.